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Phone/fax: (+7) 812 324 9900

Address: 196105, str. Sveaborgskaya, 12, Letter A, office 2N , Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Andrei Golubev (Top manager of distribution center)
Phone: (+7) 812 324 9900 

Managers of distribution center
Phone: (+7) 812 324 9900 

Nikita Golubkov ext. 331 


Responsible storage

Agent-Produkt, LLC provides a full range of services related to warehouse logistic and storage of food products.

Responsible storage and all related logistics operations are carried out in the A-class warehouse complex – a one-volume warehouse to store goods made by modern technology:

  • Ceiling height of not less than 10m;

  • The building has a sprinkler system and fire alarm;

  • Video surveillance and perimeter protection;

  • We provide transportation and maneuvering area for heavy trucks for our clients.


Responsible storage includes:

  • Weekly inventory of products

  • Qualified warehouse staff (all employees – citizens of the Russian Federation)

  • Financial responsibility for storing the goods

  • Round the clock security of the warehouse complex (digital video surveillance)


Always offer to our customers:

  • Equipment, selection, testing of cargo on the article and the formation of pallets when loading bulk;

  • Integration with various accounting systems and data exchange of the customer;

  • Generation and submission of required reports on-line;

  • Optimization of logistics costs and the organization of cross-docking operations;

  • The organization and distribution of regional distribution centers (RTS);

  • Organization management of the distribution centers of the client;

  • Organization of delivery of goods (local, long distance).