"Aloe Vera" drink, Lotte

Aloe Vera drink is good for health. It contains natural juice and vitamins!

It is made of aloe Vera puree, faith-helium concentrate, aloe and vitamins. Everyone can feel the pleasant taste of natural pieces of Aloe Vera.

 Aloe Vera drink is a unique product, it can be positioned as a fruit drink, thirst-quenching and good for health. The usage of special bottles and bottling technology at high temperatures allows to exclude preservatives from the beverage. The drink is enriched with vitamins and is fully consistent with healthy lifestyle; it helps to support the immune system and stimulates metabolism.

 There is a big range of flavor combinations Aloe Vera – fruits, berries, original. The product is becoming more and more popular in Russia. In Southeast Asia, namely in China, Japan, Korea, Australia and Indonesia Aloe Vera products are very popular: drinks, desserts, sweets, dairy products with Aloe Vera – the range is very big.

Agent-Produkt, LLC assortment:

Drink Aloe Original

Drink Aloe Mango

Drink Aloe Pomegranate

Drink Aloe Cherry

Drink Aloe Kiwi

Packing: 0.24 l. can, 0.5 l plastic bottle small, 1.5 l plastic bottle large

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