Marshmallows "Guandy"

Marshmallow is a complex and unique product that has a covert production technology. It has a special temperature formula, so not every marshmallow manufacturer can reproduce it. It is very difficult to achieve the perfect elasticity of the pieces of marshmallows and a delicate vanilla taste.

Guatemalan Candies, S.A. has been producing marshmallows with the best quality for over 35 years. Becides they take care that every piece of sweet delicacies bring pleasure and fun.

After all, "Guandy" is a leading manufacturer of Marshmallows in America. For over 25 years, they have supplied the Marshmallows in more than 45 countries (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Russia and many others).

"Guandy" are one of the leaders on the American continent in everything connected with manufacturing and sales of Marshmallows.

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