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Phone/fax: (+7) 812 324 9900

Address: 196105, str. Sveaborgskaya, 12, Letter A, office 2N , Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Andrei Golubev (Top manager of distribution center)
Phone: (+7) 812 324 9900 

Managers of distribution center
Phone: (+7) 812 324 9900 

Nikita Golubkov ext. 331 


Agent-Produkt, LLC was founded in 1998. Since this time we have gained significant experience, currently our company provides a full range of logistics services.


We provide all kinds of handling services.


By agreement we can provide additional services:

  • 3PL

  • Handling of goods for special customer requirements

  • Disband orders according to customer's requirement and reallocation of selected items of goods

  • Provide necessary reports on the movement of cargo

  • Cargo insurance


Convenient location of our terminals  - Kubinskaya street - next to the exit from the ring road, close location to Moscow, Pulkovsky and Tallinn highway, the neighborhood marshalling yard “Predportovaya", this allows you to optimize your transportation costs for delivery of the goods to the warehouse.


In case of cooperation your company could gain guaranteed advantages and is protected from many problems which inevitably occur in the inventory management, and focus on your business.

You don't require a financial investment in the purchase, repair, construction or warehouse lease and in the facilities, loading equipment and maintenance to keep in a good working condition.

There is no need to find a competent and honest warehouse staff, to control their operation and, in addition, to ensure the permanent presence of the staff at the warehouse.

All relationships are made on a contractual basis in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

3PL services clients:

Cross-docking clients:

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