Agent-Produkt, LLC is a distribution and logistics company with experience in the market since 1998.


  • Warehouse: 5100 pallets (154 trucks).

  • Warehouse works 24/7.

  • High quality and full range of logistics services.

Since 2012 Agent-Produkt, LLC has begun to find new foreign suppliers around the world for partnership. The company is guided by the idea of providing customers with high-quality, original products from abroad. The geography of suppliers is extensive, since the preference is given to the quality of product and reliability of the manufacturer, regardless its location. 

Agent-Produkt, LLC is the exclusive importer of marshmallow "Guandy" from Guatemala, peanut butter, juice of Sicilian lemons.

Years of experience allows us to guarantee high quality services. This is confirmed by long-term partnerships with major Russian and foreign companies.

We provide our customers the highest level service and strive to set up a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership!

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